Nestled in the heart of the Berkshires, Studious Baker is a company of culinary artisans that relies on common ingredients for inspiration to develop and create simple and complex, robust or subtle flavor dimensions, with just enough sugar to bridge and uplift the ingredients to make our pastries healthy and satisfying.



We specialize in gluten-free pastries, including birthday and special event cakes, made with organic whole grain flours and 7 different kinds of sugars. The choice of flours and sugar to use changes as we develop and create pastries as edible art and healthy sustenance. There is no one pastry better than another as every piece gets the same attention as the previous. Our pastries change weekly at the bakery, where gluten-free is not an option, it’s a standard.


123 North Street | Pittsfield, MA

(413) 441-4447


Tuesday to Saturday

7:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

(Closed Sunday & Monday)



We're open until 6:00 p.m. today...still plenty of time to swing by and get some Gluten & Dairy-free CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES dipped in CHOCOLATE GANACHE. Freshly set out on the Gluten-free case, now. We've also baked a Mixed Vegetable Quiche--deep dish style. This one has a wheat/spelt crust and would make a great dinner for you tonight--or save it for your leisurely Sunday breakfast! Available by the slice, so you can get just the right amount you need. ... See MoreSee Less

We have BREAKFAST going on until noon today! Come on by and start your weekend out right. We're featuring our new Yeasted Gluten-free Oat bread for our French toast (and toast with scrambled eggs) today. We also have 2 varieties of Gluten-free Belgian waffles. For those who enjoy Gluten to the Maximus we have wonderful Spelt Belgian waffles and brioche for your toast with eggs and light wheat bread for your French toast. All breads, like everything else, is made from scratch right here. ... See MoreSee Less

Fresh baked this morning...Gluten/Dairy free Vanilla Baked DOUGHNUTS with vanilla glaze. And on the Wheat side, Lemon-Lime-Poppy Seed Spelt muffins. More on the way... ... See MoreSee Less

We have it! Gluten (and Dairy) Free YEASTED Oat Bread! Loaves and rolls. Come and try our new GF bread--it's delicious! There's also time to catch Breakfast at the Baker--until noon today and tomorrow. We're featuring our GF yeasted oat bread for our French Toast and as toast with your scrambled eggs. We also have 2 Gluten-free varieties of Belgian Waffle. For you Fans of Gluten, we haven't forgotten you--Spelt Belgian waffles and our own Brioche toast with your eggs and light wheat bread for your French toast! ... See MoreSee Less

Fresh baking heading for the Gluten-free! Spiced fresh Blueberry muffins and Fresh Blueberry-Oat Streusel Coffee Cake. Getcher blueberries while they're in season! ... See MoreSee Less