Nestled in the heart of the Berkshires, Studious Baker is a small artisan bakery business, comprising a husband and wife team. We specialize in gluten-free pastries and breads, and whole grain spelt and rye bread.

We strive to develop food as art, at the same time making sure it’s reasonably healthy. We develop flavor dimensions and depth in these pastries through proper culinary techniques, knowledge of ingredients and their chemistry, an acute palate and a desire to give the public delicious comfort food that satisfies their palates and a longing for healthy pastries that are not overly sweet, but enough to heighten the other flavors.

Since we bake both gluten-free (GF) and wheat/spelt/rye (gluten) pastries it’s important to note we take the prevention of cross-contamination very seriously. We clean a lot, especially after each change of pastry. We alternate GF and wheat baking days throughout the week starting with GF baking at the beginning of the week. Sometimes we have to bake wheat the same day as GF, but will hold off until we’ve cleared the GF baking. Never do we put a wheat pastry in the oven with something GF. Our wheat flours and tools are kept in a separate walled area that is 8 feet away from the 8’ partition walled in area where the GF flours and tools are kept. The GF tools are kept in closed containers. All GF items, including ingredients, are kept on dedicated shelving. The baker uses different color-coded aprons and chef jackets. The use of food handing gloves is practiced religiously. Separate cutting boards and stations, and we dedicate an entire display case for GF only. We have a filtered inside make-up air unit, which also filters micro pollutants and circulates inside air through the entire bakery/retail space and then is ducted to go outside as exhaust air. Anything floating in the air, e.g. flour and smells, gets circulated through the filter system. Plus we have a heating/AC system which filters the inside air. We are not a certified gluten-free kitchen, as we also bake with gluten flours, but we strive to fulfill our responsibility for a clean facility and nutritional pastries. As of March 2017 gluten-free baking is 90% of what we do. 

Because our products contain no preservatives, they should be enjoyed promptly. (Our pastries also freeze well for extended use.) Come give us a try!

We try to source our ingredients locally as much as possible—we use local maple syrup and sugar, flours from Champlain Valley Milling Co. and King Arthur Flour, and Cabot, Stonyfield and other local dairy products. Most of our flours are organic and/or certified gluten-free, baking powder is aluminum-free, and some fruits are organic. Spices are organic—fresh, and are toasted and combined by the baker. Our gluten-free and spelt pastries/breads receive the same attention to detail, emphasizing the distinct characteristics of flavors and textures.

At Studious Baker we develop cookies, bars, pan and tea breads, yeasted bread/rolls, breakfast rolls and laminated doughs—Danish and croissants, scones, muffins, coffeecakes, doughnuts, baked breakfast and sweet cake puddings, pies, tarts, layer and sheet cakes, custards, cheesecakes, savory gluten-free, spelt/rye breads, and confections. Most of these are also done in gluten-free, dairy-free and in whole grain spelt/rye, and can be modified to be egg or sugar free.



Our clear cello bags are actually made from wood cellulose fibers sourced with sustainable forestry principles. Certified biodegradable, compostable and made carbon zero. Our coffee/tea cups, lids and forks are made of 100% plant material, and are also biodegradable/compostable. The brown take-out boxes we use are made from 100% recycled paper (35% post-consumer) and are made in the USA. We continue to look for other packaging that will help to sustain our planet.

You’ll find us at 123 North Street | Pittsfield, MA 01201 | (413) 441-4447